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Syrine A. Reese

With nearly two decades of human resources expertise, Syrine A. Reese is an innovative, data driven, solution focused HR Consultant that has dedicated her career to leading large scale human resources transformational efforts from quasi-governmental to pharmaceutical industries and several industries in between. Her gift is her ability to quickly understand an organization’s core business, how it defines and achieves success, and how data can assist in telling the story and identifying possibilities to succeed.  

She has led and designed winning teams that have enabled and supported organizational growth by shifting the mindset and embedding both change management and diversity into the organization’s culture. The result has been creating organizations that excel at attracting, attaining, and retaining a high quality, highly engage workforce that evolves with the organization. As the Principal HR Consultant at Brainy HR Solutions, L.L.L.P. she and her team continues to assist individuals and organizations achieve greatness by doubling down their efforts on themselves and their most valuable asset- their people!

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